• HealthBank

    A global bank of health,

    providing the innovative healthcare in Asia


    Contributing to the global society through innovation

    in the healthcare industry.




    Through innovation;

    personalized medicine

    We aim to provide personalized medicine while we believe it is one of the most innovative areas in the healthcare field.


    From Asia to the world

    HealthBank plans to create businesses that start in Asia, one of the most promising markets in the world. Our headquarters locates in Singapore.

    For whom?

    People who want to be healthy throughout their lives

    We help you enhance your health!

    With the innovative healthcare we offer, you will be able to live your entire life healthy.


    We provide healthcare all over the world, starting in Asia.

    Singapore - headquarters -

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    BIVIE (Online Diet Program)

    Fittener (Online Personal Training)

    ReWell (Diabetes Prevention Program)

    Healthcare@Asia (Healthcare Media)

    ・New Business Development



    ・Personal Training Gym

    Upcoming Services

    ・Clinic for high-net-worth (Cambodia)

    ・Medical data fitness (Cambodia)

    ・Healthcare Concierge Service (Singapore)

  • TEAM

    Kiichi Otsuka 

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Kiichi sets the business strategies along with the vision for HealthBank.



    ・Worked at IBM as an engineer, sales and corporate planning.

    ・He later joined *SMS and became CEO of Korean subsidiary and the head of medical tourism business in Asian region.

    Shuhei Morofuji

    Co-Founder and Director

    Founder/CEO of REAPRA, the parent company of HealthBank.



    ・Founder of SMS, had been CEO for 11years.

    Shuhei brought up SMS $500M market capitalization and has personally invested in about 10 start-up companies and keep supporting.



    *SMS[2175, TSE 1st section] is one of the largest companies providing healthcare information platform through internet in Asia with branches in 13 countries. SMS has engaged in over 30 businesses and invested in over 20 companies all over the world.


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